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7 November, 2012

The results broke a 32-state streak for both states, beginning 1998, in which gay marriage had been rebuffed by every state that held a vote on it. Maine and Maryland will become the 7th and 8th

18 April, 2012

When someone is marginalized, shunned, hurt by the judgment of others, I always ask myself "what would Jesus do?"





28 November, 2011

Regardless of where you stand on Christianity and being gay, I encourage you to read this pure and powerful message written by Dan Pearce:

3 July, 2011

Asking a Fellow on a Date: How can you ask a guy for a date unless you already know he's gay?

3 July, 2011

...to Gay Friends & Family Member


Many Christians find it very challenging when a friend or family member announces that s/he is gay.

16 February, 2011

There are several ways gay Christians can meet with one another for fellowship.

5 December, 2010

Can you actually be a Christian and, at the same time, gay? Some Christians feel that homosexuality is not consistent with Christianity.

31 October, 2010

So you signed up to join RainbowChristians (shameless plug: “The premier gay dating site for LGBT Christians”) and created a profile about yourself…

26 March, 2010

Want people you like or are interested in to approach you?  Then avoid taking a passive approach.

29 January, 2010
This is a repost of a site news announcement from last November.  Just wanted to thank you all for your your feedback, ideas, and thoughts on how we can improve the site. 
29 January, 2010

Wanted to share this article with you by Rev. Eric Lee, which I found to be a very solid piece on marriage equality, published roughly one year after the passage of Proposition 8.

8 January, 2010

Breaking news headlines relevant to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Christian community.  Evangelical church welcomes gays...

15 December, 2009

Being familiar with the subtle nuances and vibes of body language can help you ascertain whether a guy/gal is attracted to you, or better yet, draw him/her closer to you.

1 December, 2009

First impressions count both offline and online.  Your personal listing on Rainbow Christians or any gay dating site is your shingle on the web.  It's very likely that the contents of your listing will be used by prospective parters and frien

17 November, 2009

More helpful hints to help you decode a man's body language and the subtle nonverbal signals he's sending you.     

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